Friday, September 28, 2018

New Moms are Crazy (Sorry New Dads)

Here is a picture of our family's sleep cycles when Jane was 8-10 months old.
There were some good nights. There were many bad nights. 

I kind of boxed myself into a hard place. Jane would only nurse. No bottles. And I used nursing as my #1 go to soothing device. So Matt was rendered kind of helpless.

 But no matter what I thought when it was 4 am and she'd been up for hours, I did eventually get to her got to sleep. Call me Super Mom.

Trying to drive in rush hour traffic with a car full of monkeys screaming, playing cymbals, pouring water on your head, and pulling your hair. It can be done but it does make you go a little crazy after a while.

Snuggling a bunny in a cozy (bug-free) meadow in a fancy dress and you magically have long beautiful hair. In a word it's: Divine

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