Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why I dye my hair crazy colors?

So I've had so many people ask my why. Why pink? Why purple? Why blue? They have their own guesses but they are curious. And I should have an answer. People don't just do bold things like this for no reason, right? Because every time I'm asked, I find myself sputtering some half truth but I don't know what the other part is. So I decided to paint it out. I'm a secretive middle child. I keep things so deep inside sometimes I can't even find them. So here's the answer:

The journey so far:

Each is their own strange creature.

1. Blonde
This was all I'd ever known. I remember the moment when my white blond hair of childhood darkened into a muddy dirty blonde/brown color. It was unsettling. Thankfully Mindy fixed me up in a pinch and I've been dyeing my hair one color or another for ten years. Blonde is the color of my mother and my childhood and my early romance with Matt. I'd always been blonde. It was who I was and I had to get a little distance from it.

2. Brunette
I liked it. I liked being a brunette but it was super weird. Super weird. While painting these sketches I tried to find a way to describe how I felt different. It felt like I'd put on a disguise. Like I was a Megan wearing a suit of another person but still secretly me underneath. I get how super creepy that sounds but I think I just didn't feel like myself and that made me feel uneasy. So back to blonde for another three years until the itch started again.

3. Pink
Okay before I post the drawing let me explain how I got there. Celebrities had been dying their hair different colors but I wasn't moved. Until fictional characters did it. Obviously. Ok here are the two characters that planted the pink seed in my brain.
A. Beyond the Boundary. It's an anime. Yeah, you don't even know the depths of my geekiness. She has pastel pink hair and uses her blood as a sword. I wanted to be her.

B. Matt and I were playing this MMORPG Wildstar. (I warned you) and my character had pink hair and I loved her! This was the final straw. I had to have pink hair.

Me with pink hair:
Pink hair was like coming home. Pink hair was the most natural thing in the world. I felt exactly like myself.  It was like I leveled up to a more awesome version of myself. But I got bored and restless.

4. Purple
From pink, purple was a natural next step. It was easy and instead of feeling like an fictional character, I felt like a real live(undead) vampire. It was awesome. I felt like Dark Megan, a little bit bad. It was fun. 

5. Green
But it was time to bleach it out. To start over and go down a new path. Mint green was the new color.
And I felt like a stinkin mermaid or a water nymph or a superhero. All good things. But green was hard to maintain. And it was only a stopping point on my way to blue.

6. Blue
Karou, Karou. Man I feel like Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor. But more than that I feel like Karou/Madrigal combined. It's such a nice rich jewel tone but it turns my fingers constantly blue. It's a bummer. But Blue also feels like the end of the journey. I've had this exciting adventure and I think I'm ready to be just Megan again. But who knows maybe I'll just bleach it out and go pink again.

So to sum this up, I apparently have no idea why I do the things I do. I'm such a strange creature.
What does any of this have to do with headaches? Nothing. But I looked it up and my head was the best while I was pink but honestly that probably because June was pre-move and my brain hadn't broken completely yet. So pink it is ;) jk I have no idea obviously.