Thursday, April 19, 2018

Migraine World Summit 2018 Day 2: Migraine Triggers, Protectors, and Severity Modifiers

Here are my thoughts from one the sessions today.

Migraine World Summit 2018 Day 1: Anxiety and Depression

Every April there is a Migraine World Summit, a gathering of many great headache and migraine specialist who share their expertise on a variety of topics. It's more exciting than it sounds! I look forward to it all year. Here are my thoughts from a couple of the sessions.

Friday, April 6, 2018

7th Headache Anniversary

I've had a headache every day for the past 6, no it's 7 years now. 
It’s always a strange moment to sit and write my feelings out about a headache anniversary. I spent so many of them wishing for what I have now: a baby. See past anniversary post. And past mes where right, it does make it sting less. This anniversary is the lightest. Not fun. Not happy but it hurts less. My headaches are just not the center of my life anymore. 


 My Goal:

The Temptation:

Hope is high. Bitterness is low. Honestly I try to never ever think about my headaches. It’s like looking at something through a telescope. It feels far away right now. It’s still affecting me but it’s not in my face.

When I’m at peace it’s hard to exactly remember being upset and when I'm upset I can't remember ever being at peace. I can only really be this me. Future me is a mystery and past me is someone else.
But right now... My blessing are so overwhelming it honestly takes effort to focus on the bad.

I never got around to posting my 6 year anniversary post last year. Here is an excerpt:

I wonder what I'll write next year. I'm almost excited.