Tuesday, June 18, 2019

8th Headache Anniversary

So my headache anniversary was actually April 5th (And today is June 18th). It's taken me a little while to feel motivated enough to write this post. I'm not exactly sure why. It's not the most painful one, for sure. Maybe I just care less. Or maybe after 8 years what new things can I have to say about it.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Headache and Migraine Personality Quiz

Who doesn't love personality quizzes?!?! I know I LOVE them. So for Migraine Headache Awareness Month I decided to make a quiz! This quiz is to find out which headache matches your personality.

Share your results with me 
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Thursday, June 6, 2019

How Two Kittens Helped My Infertility Journey

I had a plan for my life. (Like everyone does). Graduate. Marriage. House. Baby. Baby. Dog. Happily Ever After. But as we all have learned. Life never ever goes by our plan.

It's really hard to want a baby and not have one yet. Each month seems like a million years. You try during peak days and then wait.... And then you take a test and another and then your period comes and you wait again to just to wait again... After a while it gets to you.

I'm not proud of this. But it's true. It's torture to see everyone else getting pregnant and having babies and then more babies. People start to pester you as to why you don't have kids yet. It's hard.

Baby fever is all consuming. You dream about having kids and holding them and loving them. And the emptiness of your arms in the morning is almost unbearable. Movies and books about orphans and children who just want mothers is an addiction and a poison. 
My dream come true was Overboard. A woman just wakes up from a concussion and is suddenly the mother to four beautiful boys.

And as always...
Pro Tip: Dyeing you hair different colors helps with all the feelings. Especially is you are a middle child.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tea Flight Reading Guide: What to drink while you read my books

Hello dear friends,

I know this post is long overdue and the emails have just been pouring in but finally here it is:

One does not simply read a book with a random tea selection. The tea choice is critical for optimal book enjoyment. For example: One would not read Christmas Kiss at the Stampede, a holiday-time romance novel that takes place in Branson, MO with a cup of passion tea lemonade. 

And one would not read Hitler Bites, a novel about vampires slaughtering Nazis during World War II with a cup of white chocolate mocha tea. 

So be at ease, I have heard your concerns. Let's begin at the beginning: Magic Headaches. (Spoilers are coming)

Magic Headaches has a duality about it that is unique. The story jumps from Derek's past to Elinor and Derek's present. There is magic and pain and baggage and board games. It's complex and yet cozy. So while you read Magic Headaches brew yourself a cup of each of these...


Why? Well it's pretty much the healthiest tea so if you are a hypochondriac and now worry that you too have New Daily Persistent Headache you'll want to calm and aline your body with a soothing yet richly flavored green tea. There is also an earthiness to green tea that will keep you rooted in the present as you travel back and forth in time. P.S. you want your green tea to look almost inedible. The more it looks like the plants the closer you are to victory.


Why? This book mostly takes place in the fall. And during the fall this salted caramel black tea is exactly what you need. It reminds me of the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Which is the greatest compliment I am capable of giving). It's sweet and bold. It's a sweet treat after the seriousness of the green tea.

And now to the next (or the first if we go chronologically) book. But wherever you think The Morland Prince should fit in the reading list here's what you need to drink to process all the man feelings and drawings of handsome brooding soldiers.


Why? Earl Grey's most defining ingredient is bergamot. It is bold. It is strong. I can smell it across the room. Brew it too long and its bitter and thick in the mouth. But brewed just right... it feels like coming home, which is just the feeling you want while reading The Morland Prince. T.A.R.D.I.S. teapot is suggested but I guess not necessary...


Why? Because this is one of my least favorite teas. It must be brewed so lightly or it turns into perfume. But I feel like this is the kind of tea Jol, the Mage, would brew so you'll feel like you are in Morland. And maybe you'll like it. But probably not, Morland is the worst. Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

And now to the last book in the Morland journey (for now...) is Morland Blood.


Why? It's caffeine free so it'll keep you calm as things start to get going. It has such a pleasant vanilla flavor that you won't even worry as things keep going wrong. That lion on the box will make you feel that everything is really going to be okay.


Why? It's tangy and zesty and the warm feeling from the ginger will keep the danger at the forefront of your mind. This one is also caffeine free which is for the best. (I mean your heart is already pounding pretty hard.) The orange and the floral hints will fill your head with romance but the ginger will keep you grounded. Save the kissing till after the battle is done. Use a clear teapot to promote your own self reflection as Elinor and Derek find out who they really are.

And that my friends concludes your Magic Headaches Tea Flight. I hope you enjoyed it. And when you are deciding if you should have just one more cup of tea, remember the wise words of my Sheila. 

And yes that is who you think it is. It's the heir of the Twinnings company. After this picture Sheila had him sign this for me.

This is obviously my most prized possession.