Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pregnant in July with Chronic Headaches

Being pregnant in July is uncomfortable. Being pregnant in July with a headache every day is almost impossible. (Spoiler: I survived it)

1. When sweet baby Everett was born I went down to Florida to meet baby and help out. "Help out" means cuddle to older children. It's pretty great to be an aunt!! But also exhausting!
2.I then got sick. And pregnancy sick to rough! Can't take any medicine and weakened immune system means it take my body forever to fight it off!
3. Yeah numb leg from pinch nerve. Could be worse. Better to be numb then ouchie. Rib pain is very ouchie! Hurts to breathe and eat and sit and move and lie down. Thankfully this had eased but it was almost unbearable in July.

4. Hosting a party is something I love and hate. I am a pretty great hostess (if I say so myself) but man it's draining. It's draining on a good month. It's deadly on a bad month. I was already empty but I had to keep going. And somehow I did.
5. Great family trip to Outer Banks but it's hard to have fun when you feel bad and tired with ouchie ribs.
6. Panic builds when I feel bad for too long. I know it will all pass but in the middle of it it's scary and I can do nothing but wait for the pain to ease.