Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NDPH & Moving

New Daily Persistent Headache and Moving

Moving is the pits. Everyone knows that. No one likes it. I've moved a lot in the last six years but it's never been as bad for my head as this last move was. Granted there was so much stress over whether or not we would close on time or at all and that played a part in making it exquisitely miserable for me (and everyone around me). There are several reasons why moving is worse for people with migraine/headaches.
1.Your new house is not blockaded against the sun. The sun is just coming in wherever it wants. Your first and most important tasks is curtaining every windows in any part of the house you want to use. P.S. my husband and mother were amazing at helping me quickly turn the house into a bunker. Thank you!
2. Unpacking is a lot of bending down and reaching up. Both are bad.
3. The fridge did not arrive for days. So no ice packs. There is just not enough Bengay in the world to compensate for that.
4. Then all the stress and sore muscles. It is a recipe for disaster. Thank God I got my period and I was able to take the maximum possible limit of drugs and not have to worry about mutating a baby.
Back to how awesome Matt is, he was so aware that I was not in a good place. He was understanding and tried to help where he could. But he would also give me a look sometimes that was begging me to hold it together for just a little while longer and I'd nod and we'd get it done.

So here are some drawings of what moving with NDPH was like for me.
Now in these drawings pain = water in the magician water tank. Water level= pain level.
Low= low level pain days. Levels 0-3
Medium= moderate level pain days. Levels 4-7
High= high level pain days. Levels 8-10
Moving=... You'll see
You'll figure it out, you're a smart bunch ;)

So if I haven't called you back or if I've been super irritable and mean it's because I'm still recovering from moving and the horrible monster it turned me into. I asked Matt if I was being horrible and he said I just didn't seem as concerned about other people's well being... lol well at least I made it through. That's a win. Everything is a win from this side of things. XOXO